The Vision

We are now moving to a new phase in our response to COVID19. We believe our community will be looking for healthy, positive and creative ways to move into the new normal. This proposal is a platform for a community response that will focus on positive messages of reduce, reuse and repurpose and have real social and economic impact. It will provide a platform to unleash the kiwis inbuilt number eight wire creativity to tackle our waste issues.

We believe that some of the biggest challenges in the modern lifestyle can be addressed through developing more sustainable ways of working, making and living. The Problems: Many items are heading to landfill that can have their lives extended or be diverted for longer term benefit. Many students are also not succeeding at school and need other options.

Our community and our nation are seriously concerned about the impact waste is having on the environment and our quality of life. Acorn Foundation’s Vital Signs (2018) survey highlighted caring for the environment as one of the top five issues for our region.

We see the opportunity for a thriving innovative space creatively repurposing, reusing and upcycling waste heading to landfill.

We know we can turn plastic waste into fence posts, textile waste into fashion garments, building waste into children’s toys, food waste into gourmet dining. We think we can be intentional about creating a space that gathers, sifts and tries the ideas that are currently being developed nationally and world-wide and implement them in practical and sustainable ways right here in our community. Unlocking the latent potential of people in our community and linking them together is key to success. Sustainability is central to our community heart at many levels -from our children at primary school to tertiary students, businesses looking to give back and contribute, people looking for jobs, volunteers looking for purpose and our city’s and political leaders.

We believe we can change the culture of our community into a re purposing one for both waste streams heading to landfill and people job displaced due to Covid 19.

The time is right! There is currently nothing like this proposal operating in Tauranga.

Inspiring and supporting the repurposing of waste streams for good by developing unique projects that repurpose home, building, textile, plastic and food waste. A creative, innovative and inspirational hub encouraging practical repurposing and upcycling through workshops and workspaces will contribute to overcoming the problems left in the wake of Covid 19. Jobs will be created, waste will minimised and the community will be drawn together in ways that will build resilience and create a hope for the future. We are proposing a holistic response that will draw together outcomes that respond to the needs of our community and the broader SDG goals.

Community Collaboration working together to re purpose our waste

We want to create a space to grapple with some of the big questions our community is facing in 2020.

We believe the solution to our community’s excessive waste lies within our own community. We will only solve these issues if everyone does their part. Critical stakeholders are all those with an imagination and passion to repurpose our waste streams. Humanity is currently focused on solving the huge issues we have with our environment.

Research is currently underway in many areas of recycling. As a community we need to join in the conversation at a very practical level drawing on what is being done in other places and looking at the opportunities for using the waste streams we are currently sending to landfill. Kiwis are incredibly resourceful and creative. When given the right environment, technical support and business support we can inspire the activation of these ideas into reality.